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May is open enrollment for Budget Billing


How can budget billing help you? With our Budget Billing Plan, you will know what your monthly bill is going to be, even before it arrives. This will help your bills be more even throughout the year. Your monthly “Budget Bill” amount is determined by your average usage for the previous 12 months. We will determine an appropriate amount for you to pay each month. Accounts will be reviewed, to make sure that you are on schedule. If you have a large balance, your monthly amount may be increased, if you have a large credit, your monthly amount may be decreased. This will help us to help you stay on target.

To qualify for “Budget Billing” you must have a zero balance, have at least 12 months of billing history, and plan to reside at the address for at least 12 more months. Otherwise, the monthly amount that has been pre-determined would not be accurate. Even if you do not qualify for our program, you may overpay during the summer to build a credit for the winter season when bills are usually higher. This way allows you to manage your account on your own. By building a credit, you can avoid paying the 1.5 % penalty on any unpaid balance.

Once you are placed on the budget billing program, you will not need to re-apply each year.  You will remain on the plan continuously until you elect to quit. You may quit the “Budget Billing Program” at any time without penalty. However, if you elect to leave the program, the balance of the account becomes due and payable. Your monthly payment must be paid by the due date of the 26th of each month or you will be removed from the budget billing program and the balance of the account will become due and payable.

If this sounds like a great idea to you, simply fill out the form on this page. If you have any questions, please call our office at (513) 523-2555.


If you are already enrolled in Budget Billing, you do not need to send this form. Your new Budget amount will be reflected on the June statement.

Complete the form below to sign up.


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