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Automatic Landlord Transfer Form

If you would like to participate in the Automatic Transfer of Service program, please read the following information, complete the form and include the address of each property you would like to include. This program will continue until we are notified that you no longer wish to participate.

  1. Glenwood Energy will agree to provide continuous service in the event that a tenant is vacating the premises or cancelling service.

  2.  The Landlord agrees to be responsible for any gas used during the period in which the gas service is in their name.

  3. The account will remain in Landlord’s name until a new tenant establishes service or a turn off is requested by the Landlord.

  4. This agreement may become void if there are any unpaid bills in the Landlord’s name.

  5. This agreement does not cover disconnection of gas due to non-payment by the tenant. We will still contact you in this situation.

  6. This agreement will remain active for each address listed until it is cancelled by the Landlord.

  7. If a property is sold or Landlord wishes for it to be removed from the program, they must send written notice to the office.

  8. The Landlord must give at least three (3) days notice if they wish to make any changes. Changes would include:

  • Change in billing information.

  • Termination of agreement for one or all addresses.

  • Request a service turn-off.

This agreement is effective as of the date received. If you have any questions, please contact the office at (513) 523-2555.



I hereby authorize Glenwood Energy to transfer the gas service of each listed address into the below Landlord name whenever a tenant requests to cancel service.

By checking I Agree, your are agreeing for the natural gas service at the included addresses to be automatically transferred into your name when a tenats service ends.
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